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Latin American Marketing Accelerator INDY Opens Call for Applications

Antonio Lucio, Fernando Vega Olmos, and Sebastian Vidal among the advisors

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INDY, the first marketing accelerator in Latin America, announced an open call to apply for a six-month program focused on helping post-seed startups develop marketing plans to fuel their growth. The accelerator is led by Jaime Rosado and Antonio Duarte, the team behind various award-wining campaigns including a Cannes Lions’ Gran Prix, and Grand CLIO.

INDY will take five startups or emerging companies that have already been through a first round of funding and are ready to enter new markets through a program to further develop their businesses with a unique hands-on approach, spending the time to validate product fit, work on customer engagement and guide them to a successful marketing plan. The primary objective is to engage the target audience actively in preparing startups for their next step, which may include brand licensing, raising capital or the deployment of a successful exit strategy.

 “Over the last five years, Latin American incubators and accelerators have been playing a significant role in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems in the region. However, none of these platforms are leveraging marketing strategies for growth,” said Antonio Duarte, founder and Chief Marketing Officer of DuartePino, a marketing advisory firm. “We believe businesses must be customer-centric to be successful, and this also applies to startups, which can uncover meaningful insights through marketing processes that will help develop their brands and connect with customers.”

Participating companies will receive intensive support from DuartePino and leading creative agency J. Walter Thompson to prepare them to present their businesses to strategic partners, opinion leaders and investors during a Demo Day. DuartePino and J. Walter Thompson will provide their services free of charge in exchange for a 6% stake in the company. Additionally, INDY is backed by a world-class advisory board comprised of top marketing experts whose services are typically reserved for major corporations.

“Projects such as INDY allow the advertising industry to make a swift and necessary move towards a model where our growth is intimately tied to the launch and development of local brands and products. This way, we advertising creatives will be able to take part in the creation, development and communication of a brand from its inception through its execution,” said Jaime Rosado, Chief Creative Director for J. Walter Thompson in Latin America. “We are excited to get to work with startups and help them gain a competitive advantage to scale their businesses with greater efficiency and speed.”

Based in Puerto Rico, INDY can be the gateway for startups in Latin America interested in growing and exporting to the United States by leveraging the island’s tax incentives and competitive advantages.

The INDY Marketing Growth Accelerator is open to startups in the technology, consumer goods, retail, health and financial services categories that are ready grow their businesses, disrupt their industries and that are capable of expanding globally. Interested applicants should visit for more information.

DuartePino is a management advisory firm that combines in-depth customer knowledge with practical expertise in marketing to help clients create sustainable business growth. We can provide your organization with a fresh perspective, a proven process that invests in the outcome, and the tools for successful execution. Contact us to learn more about growth strategies for your organization.

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