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Ready to manage the COVID-19 crisis.

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Dear Clients & Colleagues,

Our team continues to monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic closely. Given the recent declarations of a national emergency, we made the necessary arrangements to work remotely on the business continuity plans of our clients, namely in the health and hospitality industries.
Nonetheless, rest assured that we have well established flexible working arrangements, including advanced technology for remote working. Our services will continue uninterrupted.

We are committed to helping local scale-ups and startups reach their full potential, and give them tools toward resiliency. As we all face new and unchartered waters, and uncertainty caused by the most significant health and economic crisis of modern times, the COVID-19 outbreak, we stand ever the more committed to this mission.

Should you require any immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at Stay Safe.

DuartePino is a management advisory firm that combines in-depth customer knowledge with practical expertise in marketing communications to help clients create sustainable business growth. We can provide your organization with a fresh perspective, a proven process that invests in the outcome, and the tools for successful execution. From Fractional CMOs to business advisory services, contact us to learn how our team can help with growth strategies for your organization.

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